Pallet Spacer

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The Afinitas pallet spacer eliminates common spacer pitfalls.

The beauty of our new Pallet Spacer is not only that it holds securely, but it is a snap to install. This uniquely engineered spacer lifts the cage off the pallet with reliable support during the set up and pouring process. Designed by industry veterans Marv Iler and Jim Erdahl of Diamondback Spacers, the Pallet Spacer is made specifically to support vertical sheets of steel like those used in box culvert production. In seconds you can apply the spacer to the top or bottom of any standard box culvert cage, and it will not move , crush or shift out of place.

Key Benefits:

  • The Pallet Spacer is easy to install and snaps into place in seconds.
  • Its steep slope allows forms to smoothly glide without getting hung up.
  • The Pallet Spacer is designed to hold steel mesh off the bottom of the form when required.
  • The Pallet Spacer is offered in two sizes:  for 1″ or 1 1/2″ side wall spacing.
  • This spacer has little to no visible footprint.
  • The Pallet spacer is reliable, strong, and inexpensive, making it hard to beat for your next box culvert job.
pallet spacer installed on cage
Part numberDescriptionBox/Bag/Drum
DB-PS15106REG1.5 x 1.06"
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DB-PS15156REG1.5 x 1.56"
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DB-PS151520EXT1.5 x 1.5.20"
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