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Prima is an automated management system designed to bring assembly line efficiency to wetcast production.

Traditional wetcast production plant setups make it nearly impossible to drive productivity because there are too many variables and there is no linear process flow that can be easily tracked, measured, analyzed and optimized.

Prima offers a solution to this by organizing the different work processes in the plant, and by tracking and measuring these processes for analysis and evaluation. This gives the precast producer the opportunity to organize the wetcast production of many different kinds of products. It is the ideal solution for precasters who work with standard products as well as with made-to-order concrete products.

Reduces Labor & Increases Productivity

Forms automatically circulate in a loop through specialized work stations, such as demolding, mold cleaning and oiling, placement of reinforcement, form filling and ultimately curing
  • Organized workflow stations with built-in analytics for tracking & measuring each process
  • Easily organize production for standard as well as made-to-order products
  • Based on lean manufacturing practices, specialized work stations optimize efficiency resulting in significant labor reductions
  • This linear process drives productivity up

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Logs Production Metrics

RFID tagging system uniquely identifies the form and tracks its status to provide information on process time, reinforcement and filling requirements.

  • Allows operators to prepare and efficiently execute the necessary operations for each form.
  • Tracking of process flow exposes bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Real-time production tracking on the manufacturing floor

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Increases Safety

Safety-compliant process

  • Eliminates need for fork lift trucks
  • No overhead transport of products or concrete buckets
  • Ergonomically-designed work flow safely increases productivity

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Enhances Planning

Historical data for the relevant forms is readily available for analysis of product and labor needed throughout the day

  • Helps coordinate queue to optimize throughout and balance employee capacity and demands
  • Information can be used to build a realistic forecast and anticipate potential challenges

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Learn how M-Con Pipe and Products, Inc. is using Prima to its advantage.

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